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Our mission is: people learn more about the school, the district, active young people, etc. To involve the youth (population) of both schools and townships in various activities. To promote the sustainable development of the township (environmental protection, equality, non-formal education, healthy lifestyle, etc.)


Our goal is to provide regular information to schoolchildren, young people and the general population of the town. Face-to-face discussion of issues relevant to our mission with the township population.

The founders of kazretipress are: Nino Melikishvili and Luka Urumashvili.

Board of Trustees: Luka Urumashvili, Lizi Giorgadze, Mariam Soselia, Ana Simonishvili, Nani Gochadze, Anano Avkofashvili, 


General editor / technical support/chairman of the board of trustees/editing - Luka Urumashvili

Chief editor/journalist - Lizi Giorgadze

Photo/videographer/operator/editing - Ana Simnishvili

Infographics/visual support/journalist/editing - 

News editor - Mariam Soselia

Head of podcasts - Anano Avkofashvili


We will advocate for: environmental protection, gender, ethnic, and (social) equality; Organization and coverage of charity campaigns. Healthy lifestyle, non-formal education, (security), human rights, etc

Journal Provision: Journal provision

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Journal Advisory Board 

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