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About the Erasmus+ exchange project and my experiences

What does Erasmus mean?

it means “European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students” " bringing together all current EU schemes for education, training, youth and sports, it was launched in January 2014. Erasmus was previously only available to undergraduate students but is now also available to high school students.

It was within the scope of this opportunity that at the age of 17 I was selected for my first Exchange project "Stronger Together" (exchange program), which was about the Eastern neighbouring countries of the European Union, European politics, politics and democracy in general, cultural exchange and joint work. Like everyone else, I was nervous about my first project, some barriers that were difficult to overcome at first and the language complex. It was then that I realized for the first time how failed our education system is, because it is possible to make the learning process much more fun with game elements and other methods. I was also surprised by the high responsibility of the European people, they were always ready for anything and always worked with all their energy. The professional field of most of the foreign participants was not political, but they are professionals both in the professional field and in politics. They have a high level of understanding of civic responsibility.

My second project "Participation in democratic life" was in Poland, which was about democratic life. Through Erasmus, I travelled abroad for the first time in my life. I must admit that Poland exceeded my expectations because I understood that it is a corrupt country (as I heard that it is possible to buy a driving license and similar things). Despite everything, it is a much more developed state than Georgia. Considering the zloty (Polish currency), I thought I was in the "Euro" movie. The country seemed to be both a post-Soviet and a member of the European Union. At a glance, you could tell which building was built in which period. Now it will no longer be difficult for me to choose between the Soviet Union (Russia) and the European Union. Europe is really what I want for my country. Poland also showed me one of the main problems in my country, which is called emigration. At every step in Warsaw, you can hear Georgians talking, and you will also meet Georgian taxi drivers...

The project "Peace is not for granted" was about stereotypes and discrimination in Germany. The project was about peace, discrimination, stereotypes and other civic issues. Germany is a very liberal country, which you will notice as soon as you arrive. People with different colour skin, different ideas, and different interests, but with one goal to create one strong state. In general, Germany's left-wing government and state services are expensive. High infrastructure and excellent environment..... it's heaven.

The European Union provides many opportunities and endangering the European future of Georgia is nothing more than a betrayal of the country....

# AgainstRussianlaw

Author: Luka Urumashvili

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