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Conformity and apoliticality

Updated: Feb 16

Conformity - compliance of the individual's attitudes and behaviours with the expectations and norms of the social group;

Apoliticality - negative or neglectful attitude towards political events, active public life;

"The opposite for courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow." - Jim Hightower


Years ago, a study known as Solomon Ash gave an example of conformity. In the experiment, the participants had to name their opinion, and which option was more similar compared to the given line. In one variant, four participants knew in advance what to name, while one was under observation. Except for exceptions, in most cases, the one person who did not know what to say in advance gave up his own opinion and imitated others. We also saw a variant in which, if three gave another answer, and the fourth gave the option that the fifth thought, then the fifth no longer imitated the other three and freely expressed his opinion. From this research comes the conclusion that to a certain extent, a person does not want to go before the majority, it is much more comfortable for him (it is his comfort zone) if he stands on the side of the majority.


This example illustrates the role of society in the life of an individual. A person gets many characteristics from society. In my opinion, the reasons for such a result of the research should be sought in the past, for centuries an individual was unacceptable to the society/community/country, moreover, anyone who expressed a different opinion could become a victim. I think it is in human genetics to stand for the established majority. It's really hard to fight alone.


The mentioned experiment is parallel to the election process. The event mentioned in the photo can be considered conformity. 18% of Americans will vote for the presidential candidate that Taylor Swift will support. Taylor Swift doesn't like Trump very much, and I'm also in favour of Biden, but despite this, I still don't think this is the right approach, we can't entrust our civic responsibility to another person.

Among them, people in our country prefer to stand on the side of the majority, or if they are afraid to express their opinion, they address it with the phrase characteristic of the majority - "I am apolitical".


The words "I am apolitical" are words that do not give anything to Priovni, it is even a move towards anarchism (mostly false-anarchism). Being apolitical and ignoring politics will not change anything, as for us, the exchange rate of the lari suffers from inflation, the price of products increases, and every day we face various challenges. Non-politicians also have to pay the price added to the product. We often hear phrases from non-politicians: "Politics is dirty", "Politics has not brought profit to anyone", "Politics is only for politicians" (which is the main goal of a totalitarian state, so that everyone refuses politics and only the superiors make decisions), "You can't change anything" and so on. ... What is all this nonsense, we can reject politics, but we cannot go beyond the framework of politics, every political decision still affects us every day.

"I am apolitical" is not wise to hide one's political position. If you want to hide your political views, you don't have to be apolitical anyway, it's better to refrain from expressing your political views openly. You may be disguising yourself this way, but it may turn out to be pleasing and acceptable to someone and he may perceive himself as apolitical.


We should all take our political and civic responsibility upon ourselves and deal with it fully. Let us remind you that Georgia is a hybrid (transitional) democracy, which means that to a certain extent, the negative influence and influence of certain groups can be observed in Georgia. It is necessary for the negative results and the building of democracy to involve every citizen in political issues.

Author: Luka Urumashvili



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