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forum-theatre was held at small town Kazreti N1 public school

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

The meeting was attended by foreign guests, students, heads of youth and gender associations, one of whom was Georgian, and the rest were foreigners.

Two scenarios were staged that dealt with both youth and gender issues. The obstacles that women often face were highlighted in the theatre, which aroused great interest and discussion among the audience. Children from Kazrete participated in the forum, and later foreign guests also took the stage.

Discussions were held after each scenario, in which both Georgians and foreigners participated. They brought life's arguments, which they paid to their loved ones. Strummers also talked about the culture of their country and discussed all the problems that exist in their country in terms of gender and youth.

The meeting was very interesting because everyone had the opportunity to learn about new issues and express their opinion on a specific aspect.

" I enjoyed it. It was a new experience for me since I had never been to this kind of theatre. So I think it was an opening way to introduce different types of communication. Like we were able to see things from different perspectives. So I enjoyed it."- himana student of human rights.

"I liked it, I rarely knew forum theatre, but after this performance, I was also thinking maybe trying to find one in my city to join the group, because it was very interesting. I also got on the stage, which was super fun. It was my first time being part of forum theatre on the stage and it was really interesting to see how to navigate the scene. So it was amazing."- Sofia is talking about the meeting.

"I corporate with luiza leyturco. I'm working in a study centre for civil defence. so what we do is, that we are interested in nonviolent ways to solve conflicts. for example, we have a program in Italy that contains people from ages 13 to 26, like when they are having conflict with their family, or close people they don't have to call the cops, they can call us and we will try to solve it. also, some of us have to work with documents. I like a forum. I also cooperate with another association in Milan and they're also throwing forum theatre, but today was a different experience. it feels really special. it was different from what we were doing there, because I wasn't able to understand the language, so I was trying to read body language, the actors were great, I didn't even need an explanation because their expression and acting were great."-Francisco, an employee of the Civil Defense Training Center, speaks.

"Hello! I'm Muro Ekizashvili. The district of Kazreti knows Forum Theater well and we have played here many times, and the audience is always good and interesting. For some time I was part of the audience, and now I came as an organizer and participant. I am very happy to play here because this place is nostalgic for me. Our goal was to show foreign visitors, who are studying human rights, the problems of early marriage and cultural differences. We organized a very good discussion with the guests about human rights. I also really like "kazretipress" because you young people provide information to the public."- Muro Ekizashvili one of the organizers.

"I work at Human Rights Centre, in the administration sector. we had a lot of collaboration with local, national, and international associations. a HRC (Human Rights Centre) is dedicated to the protection and promotion of Human Rights. the rule of law and Peace. the organization aims to increase respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms and facilitate the priest-building process. The play was also about human rights, and I enjoyed it. I and others were able to see problems in another country, which was interesting."- Luiza leyturco is talking.

Author: Liza Giorgadze

Photo: Ana Simonishvili



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